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All India Council For Vocational, Technical & Paramedical Science, Meerut (UP) is an autonomous body of the Government of NCT of Delhi & UP Govt established in 2021. It is a nodal agency recognized by the Ministry of Ayush for admission, curriculum construction, course conduct, guidance examination and ceritficaiton of pre-service training programme in the area medical education.

The curriculum is renewed periodically by a Curriculum Committee comprising experts with long experience in the area of education. The quality of Medical education being offered has received appreciation from Department of Medical. The Course consists of theory and practical work in the Institutes Hospital and community. A variety of activities undertaken morning assembly, sports and cultural programmes, devates, work experience, Practical Training in Hospital offer an opportunity to the students to experience a reflection of life in Hospital.

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Eye Program

Here at Eye Physicians of Elizabethtown, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients get the vision they deserve. We are also dedicated to making sure that all of our patients have healthy eyes.


Nursing Program

Nursing Program in India can be challenging but equally rewarding in terms of quality education and future work experiences. Nursing Program in the India have widespread popularity among all study abroad aspirants, due to increased emphasis on preventive care, increased rate if chronic conditions and demand for healthcare services. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for resident nurses’s is expected to grow by 7% from 2019 to 2029.


Specialist Program

As a surgeon, you would manage the tools used during surgery, whereas a specialist would identify, prescribe, treat, and cure the illnesses of their patients. Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS) degrees are required to become a specialist or surgeon, respectively. Here Its conduct a new specialized program from how to develop a medical science .


Dental Program

That's program generated on the base of grow up to Dental Field. Dentists who want to grow their dental practices in Starting terms must focus on offering quality care, building relationships with existing and potential patients, and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies to be a competitive player in the dental industry. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the best ways to achieve growth for your practice efficiently. Keep reading for more strategies and marketing ideas.


Pharmacy & Other Program

Pharm degree program requires an additional 2 years of study after a BPharm degree (a total of 6 years of pharmacy Degree study). The MPharm degree is offered in many disciplines such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology. There are two parts of the curriculum.While a traditional pharmacy role can offer job satisfaction and a high salary, you may wonder what's next for your career. Pharmacists can pursue several advanced positions in their field, some of which involve research, law or managerial-related duties.


Management Program

Management Program is the process of managing programs mapped to business objectives that improve organizational performance. Program managers oversee and coordinate the various projects and other strategic initiatives throughout an organization.Program management is a strategic management approach to executing and controlling multiple related projects. The goal of program management is to drive benefits to the entire program by sharing project resources, costs and activities. Managing related projects simultaneously creates opportunity for synergies that would be elusive if one was to manage each project separately.


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Traditionally, the enrollment process is the moment when a student (or guardian) formalizes their contacting with an education institution.


Consulting refers to the practice of providing expert advice and guidance to organizations to help them improve their performance, solve complex problems, and achieve their strategic objectives. Companies across various industries typically hire management consultants to tackle specific challenges, devise effective strategies, optimize operations, and drive organizational growth.


The applicant will fill the Registration Form by entering the personal details (candidate name, father name, mother name, date of birth, gender), type of identification (Student Id, Voter Id, Passport Number, Ration Card, Bank Account, Other Valid government Identity), identification number, contact details

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